Football is widely known as the beautiful game on the pitch, but off it it can often be anything but beautiful.

Over the years we’ve seen some crazy hair styles by footballers, during domestic seasons, European Championships or World Cups.

In promotion of the Men Ultra range and as part of the Head & Shoulders #JUSTWATCHME campaign, football hairstylist Landry Agres is giving fans exclusive football hairstyle tutorials so they can replicate some of the game’s most iconic hairstyles this summer.

And we thought we’d take you through what Germany’s fans and hair aficionados voted for on a number of footballer hair style related questions.

International Football’s Most Iconic Hairstyle

Germany voted Rudi Voller’s mullet as their favourite iconic style, with Ruud Gullit’s dreadlocks in second and David Beckham’s cornrows in third.

Best and Worst Football Hair Styles

Mike Hewitt/Getty Images Sport

Germany decided the best chop was Ronaldinho’s ponytail. Their worst was Carlos Valderrama’s infamous afro hair.

Best and Worst hair style of your national team

Germany’s national team have had some shockers, but the fans voted Stefan Effenberg’s scalp art as the worst their country has had. The best? Mats Hummels blond hair.

Which player’s hair inspire you most?

Germans were asked which of their current player’s hair styles most inspires their own. They voted Manuel Neuer’s easy & short hairstyle at top spot for inspiration, but voted Jerome Boateng’s scalped efforts as least inspiring.

We’ve definitely not seen the last of wild and wonderful hair cuts, but it’s fair to say over the years, we’ve had enough of them to last a life time.